Sunday, November 9, 2014

Galaxy Note 3.....gadgets can be annoying sometimes.

After a few months of sucking up the glitches and the malfunctions of my 4 year old MyTouch 4g. I finally decided to invest money on a brand new and little dated note 3. The release of the note 4 had cause the price to slightly drop steering me to its direction. I have to say, the Note 3 is still a hot phone in the market considering its technology have been dated by the new note 4, it still offers competitive features to attract buyers.

I consider myself practical, yes I know, your asking yourself how having a smart phone more powerful than the space-shuttle being practical. Let me put it this way, I read books on my phone for my classes, and I try to keep up with the stock market gathering information for my trading addiction. The sizable 5.70 inch screen and fast processing is very much put to use, for my purpose that is. Due to this, I decided to sell me other electronics (yes I don't own an iPad or Kindle).

Though I am a fan, there is one thing I did not like, the charger. Yes, for those of you contemplating of buying the note 3 will find that the phone uses a micro USB 3.0 instead of the micro USB 2.0. If you're like me, having a bunch of micro usb 2.0 laying around and a beloved car charge, you will probably find yourself a little ticked-off by this. But all hope is not lost, your local walmart or electronic store my not have this cable but you can always find your micro USB 3.0 car charger online.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 write your comments below positive or negative, bring it on!

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